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Emergency can happen to anyone at anytime. Most of us did not see the global scale pandemic would impact our lives to the current devastating extent this year. Supermarkets experienced shortages of daily essentials and food supplies caused by panicked customers and logistic issues due to border control.
With some cities and countries taking strict lockdown measures and isolation protocols, it is ever more imperative that we are prepared for the unexpected.  
At Alpha Foods, we offer variety of pre-packaged tasty nutritious meals that last 5 years and served without the need for electricity, gas or water. Simply, open the package and serve it on your favorite plate and it is ready !

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[NOTE: Please check your country’s import regulation on processed food prior to placing an order.]

September 2020
Daiki Utsumi

Advantages of Our Food Products

  • Over 5 years storage life at room temperature
  • Keeping its flavor, color and texture competing with foods in general restaurants
  • No typical retort foods smell
  • Requires no heat, electricity and water

We would be delighted to hear from you by e-mail( you are interested in distributing our products in your country or area.


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