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Message from CEO

Dear Prospective Overseas Agents & Distributors

We are well-known manufacturer of long-life ready-meals in retort pouch in Japan.

We started as a manufacturer of gluten free flour in Japan offering healthy alternative to wheat flour in March 2010.
In March 2011, we have launched variety of long-life and ready-meal retort pouch using our UAA technology. It extends shelf life over 5 years while maintaining its freshness and flavors.
Furthermore, it requires no heat, electricity or water offering ultimate convenience. Our products compete with cuisine at general restaurants but without hassle of its preparation work.
We have won many awards at food fairs and EXPO in Japan.

UAA=Ultra Anti Aging

Advantages of Our Food Products

  • Over 5 years storage life at room temperature
  • Keeping its flavor, color and texture competing with foods in general restaurants
  • No typical retort foods smell
  • Requires no heat, electricity and water

We would be delighted to hear from you by e-mail( you are interested in distributing our products in your country or area.


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Daiki Utsumi
President /CEO